Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Quick Update; Big Post Coming Soon

January was a crazy month. I had my best ebook month to date, earning over $3,200. I only put out one book, though. The month was absolutely crazy.

Things I did in January:
  • Moved: I left New York and moved in with my parents in Florida. Most of my moving expenses were reimbursed, which took a big load off my back. I am putting away money like crazy since I've been home, as my expensive have been greatly reduced. I'm buying a car on my 25th birthday a month from now. That's a huge step toward getting to LA, which I think I'll be able to do at the end of July!
  • Quit my teaching job: I am now writing full-time. I'm putting in eight hour days, six days a week.
  • Said Goodbye to My Boyfriend: Very sad. But it's okay.
I took about a month to relax and decompress, which honestly was a little much. No books written, and with the Christmas rush over, my sales dropped significantly.

I'm really getting my time management butt in gear now that I'm totally self-employed. It's a fascinating skill that I'll post about soon. For now, I'm writing a big article on how to publish an ebook that I hope to have up by the end of the weekend.

Cheers everyone!

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