Saturday, September 1, 2012

August Results and September's Goal

It looks like I pulled in just under $750 in sales this month. I was actually closer to my original estimate of $800 than my revised estimate of $600 that I guessed after sales started out slow. Needless to say, I'm thrilled.

September's Plan

This month is going to be even bigger. I've got a few projects that I'm both wrapping up and starting.

  • I'm going to deploy the promotion plan for the eBook series I've already written. This primarily consists of targeted linkbuilding via blogs, forums, and social networks.
  • I'm going to begin working on my second eBook series, which will contain at least eight books. This is a large-scale project that I've designed to generate income as I continue to work on it. The final goal is to package the series together with some bonus content and release it as its own product on an independent website, then sell it via affiliates. However, versions of each eBook will be posted individually on retailer websites as they are completed, thus earning me some income as I continue working. These books will be longer and more detailed than my first books, so they'll probably take 1-2 weeks each to write instead of one day each (like the first series).
I've also decided to begin setting aside 10 percent of my passive income (starting with August's) for reinvesting in new projects. So far I've done everything myself with almost zero expenses. As my financial situation continues to improve, I fully intend to scale up and outsource work.

September's Goal

With my first eBook series now fully distributed via Smashwords and at least one new book being published sometime during the month, I think it will be easy to generate $1,000 in September. This goal is a significant milestone because it means I'm generating both four figures and a survivable income (my living expenses are very low and I split them with my boyfriend) passively. I still work about 15 hours a week as a music teacher, so my total income will be about twice that! I'm almost back to the money I was making at my most lucrative 'job' job, without the 40-hour weeks sitting at a desk, covering up my tattoos, wearing high heels, and spending hours on hold with UnitedHealth. But I will far surpass that income soon enough.

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