Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sales Page Is Underway

I finally got the momentum going to do some serious work on writing my sales page. Small wonder that the bulk of the hard stuff is done now - half of the difficulty was in starting the work.

I know a fair amount about site building basics, but there are still a few things that throw me for a loop. I'm using a WYSIWYG editor to build the site, and learning that is a whole task in itself. Getting things to line up and look good is frustrating. I've been driving myself crazy with Photoshop tutorials to create decent graphics for the site, but managed to make acceptable-looking items with my rudimentary knowledge.

(You may suggest that I hire out the confusing work to other people. I totally would if I could! Let's hope this site is successful so that I can contract out work on my next project, which I already have a seed idea for)

I may just need to bite the bullet and sign up for AWeber now. Okay, enough talking. Back to work.

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