Thursday, August 23, 2012

Making a Sales Page Seems Really Hard

There's something about writing a sales page that I'm finding quite daunting. The whole idea of rolling out a website is really intimidating me and causing me to stall. In this post, I'm going to outline the reasons why I am hesitating.

What are the benefits of a good sales page?

  • Potential for a strong increase in income via SEO and targeted promotion.
  • I only need to do it once!
  • Need I say more?

Why I'm Hesitating

  • Daunting - something I've never done before and have to learn to do from scratch. Sales copy, web design, planning - yikes! In a perfect world, I'd have someone design the sales page for me, but at this stage in the business it's not really possible.
  • Perfectionism - I'm a perfectionist and am terrified of not building my sales page the 'right way'.
  • Wrist Pain - I've got some serious problems with my wrists that have lately kept me from spending too much time typing, which is the biggest trigger for my pain. Fortunately, it's been getting a lot better in recent weeks as I've undertaken a new regimen and taken new precautions to alleviate some of my symptoms. In a perfect world, I'd also have someone do this for me.
  • Overcoming Laziness - I don't know how lazy I am objectively, but I certainly beat myself up over it an awful lot. This is counterproductive.

What Is the Next Step?

I've spent the last few weeks sporadically studying what goes into a good ebook sales page. I've also downloaded a few templates. I'm going to write out a step-by-step list by hand, from drafting the sales copy to my promotion strategy.

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